Why IndieConf?

Modeled on popular international conferences such as MicroConf, FemtoConf, and Inflection Con, IndieConf will bring up to 150 professionals together for an inaugural, intimate event in Melbourne, Australia.

IndieConf is an alternative startup conference designed for bootstrappers, profitability-driven entrepreneurs, self-funded companies, and indie makers. IndieConf gathers focused tech founders and online makers who are building profitable and scalable companies in one place. IndieConf exists because too many events and startup communities are dedicated to discussing raising VC, pitching tactics, a unicorn-or-nothing mindset, and the “growth-at-all-costs” Silicon Valley pathway. This leaves founders with little room to discuss product, operations, marketing, sales, mindful scaling, lean teams, and long-term growth. Often, indie founders are dismissed as lifestyle businesses, and their success diminished.

We hope to solve this and celebrate the indie way.



Why Australia?

Not too long ago, Australia had no real investment community, government support, and our market opportunity was small. This means, Aussie founders became incredible resourceful – funding their own futures and going global from day one. We have been working remotely for decades and a focus on profitability isn’t a fun new trend – it’s been a must. Today, Australia has plenty of revenue-generating indie companies and serious founders who are under-the-radar. The startup community just isn’t servicing these founders.

Australia is the perfect home for IndieConf.



Who is behind IndieConf?

IndieConf was started by serial entrepreneur, Kate Kendall after she became disgruntled with the startup world after a decade in it. After bootstrapping her first company as a nomad, then raising $1M USD seed funding with her second in San Francisco, she saw the problems with the “one-size-fits-all” approach to success being touted by the tech community (especially as a female founder), so she started championing an indie way to build companies. She’s inspired by companies such as Basecamp, Mailchimp, Buffer, Zapier, Gumroad, ConvertKit, Atlassian, Nomad List, and more.



Why attend?

IndieConf speakers include under-the-radar founders who are building real companies on their own terms – and for the long run. Attending IndieConf is the most direct way to meet other indie companies, software founders, and revenue-generating startups in Australia. It’s not a glamorous, extravagant conference by any means – it’s simply about the content, connections made, and long-term community.

If you find other events don’t “speak” to you, come find your tribe at IndieConf. :)