Paul Jarvis on building a Company of One


Paul Jarvis has been a pivotal part of the indie movement since its beginning. His book, Company of One, outlines an ethos, processes, and case studies of people building successful businesses on their own terms. In our very own Oprah moment, we’re excited to be giving away five copies of Paul’s book at IndieConf AU 2019.

We sat down with Paul to hear his top five snippets of advice for founders:

  1. “Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.” - Edward Abbey

  2. Without upper bounds, nothing is ever enough. We need to decide where those upper boundaries happen, which fall between covering your necessities and “everything, all of it, in perpetuity.”

  3. Aim for a business that supports your life, not a life that exists solely to support your business.

  4. Success is personal—if we chase someone else’s version, at best we end up with their life, at worst we feel like we failed at something we probably didn’t even want.

  5. Your purpose for your business is the lens through which all decisions should filter through.

If you’d like to win a copy of Paul’s book as well as a copy of the latest issue of Offscreen magazine, grab your ticket to IndieConf now. :)